Today we are going to talk about how sharing can be a way of caring for our planet.

You have probably already heard about the UK government’s ambition to become a net-zero nation by 2050 but what does that mean in practice? It means that we need to balance the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are produced with the amount that is removed from the atmosphere. The way to achieve this is by reducing existing emissions and eliminating greenhouse gases.

Let’s leave the issue of eliminating greenhouse gases to the experts and focus on the reducing emissions aspect. This is in our power, it is our duty and we cannot even begin to stress the importance of every single individual‘s involvement in this process.

While our planet will eventually bounce back from the climate crisis, it is humankind who will suffer so what are some of the steps that we can take today for a better tomorrow and how is sharing involved?

Did you ever have a moment when you felt you would love to do something good for our planet such as recycling or finding recyclable alternatives for your everyday products but you just did not know how or where? Or did you ever discover a place, service or product that was so great that you wanted to share it with everybody? Then we have good news for you!

There is a Local Guides Community Program where people can share their local knowledge and recommendations on Google Maps so that you can help people from your city to find environmentally friendly locations and businesses. Many places on our planet are overwhelmingly beautiful with unique nature, impressive architecture and welcoming people but suffer from poor recycling practices and a lack of knowledge which is a major part of the issue. With a platform that connects caring people to the right places, there is hope for our planet’s future.

As an eco-friendly business, you need to make sure people know about your services and where they can be found. To help your customers easily locate your business, create a Google Business account and enter your business address in the Google Business Profile. This will also allow you to set the pin position for your business location on Google Maps and Search which is especially useful if your address doesn’t have a street number or if the system can’t identify it. Since the business address used is publicly shown on your profile, if you don’t actually serve customers at that address, simply leave the address field blank and list your service area instead. A Google Business account can also be used to post pictures, offers, information and customers’ reviews. It is a powerful tool to get your business known.

As a dedicated citizen who is passionate about the cause, you can take the following steps to find and support the places and businesses on Google Maps that focus on reducing waste, reusing items and recycling materials. 

  1. Step Number One: Google Maps is not only good for your driving navigation, use it to discover places where you could recycle or dispose of your items in the proper way.

    Businesses with a verified Business Profile on Google can easily add information about what items they recycle using Google My Business. This will provide information on the specific material that is being recycled at a particular recycling point such as light bulbs, glass bottles, electronics, clothes etc. After visiting these locations, people will be encouraged to leave a review about the specifics of the recyclable material at that location and their overall experience there.
  1. Step number 2: Put a sustainable business on the map. You can create a list of recycling centres in your city or, depending on your interests and lifestyle, it could be a list of sustainable restaurants or cafeterias or local sustainable food shops or vintage fairs that are promoting upcycling and the reuse of clothes or any other treasures that could be found there. Anything that will promote a more sustainable way of living will bring us one step closer to a healthier planet. 
  1. Step number 3: Promote, Promote, Promote! Being a sustainable business can be a difficult job, we all know that so far a sustainable way is, unfortunately, proving to be a more expensive way. People often make the mistake of thinking that sustainable businesses will offer some of their services for free. Eco-friendly does not equal free and therefore these businesses need your support and encouragement even more so than any others. You can show your support by using their products or services, referring them to friends and family, leaving a review and helping them to reach a wider audience. You can even use your skills to help out by giving a little professional advice.

Every little helps - Care, Be Aware and Share!

Care for our planet’s future!

Be aware of the current climate situation and how to beneficially impact it.

Share your knowledge and your findings with Google Guides.