JULY 2021


Although your Shopify store might be attracting a great level of virtual footfall, do your customers pop items into their shopping carts but then seem to stall before checkout? Well, here’s five great tips to help you to turn those browsers into purchasers to boost your Shopify store sales.

1. Expert eyes expertise

If your budget runs to it, one of the best things you can do to optimise sales is to engage with a Shopify agency or enlist the help of an expert. Having that extra pair to eyes to scrutinise your store will help to nail down and resolve any issues that might have been overlooked. It could be that browsers are finding something a little off putting with the way your eCommerce store is designed and this might be affecting sales.

It might be something as easy to rectify as making sure your store can be accessed by different devices such as mobile phones as well as laptops and desktops. Or perhaps the journey through your store is spoilt for the customer by a slow or cumbersome shopping cart and checkout process. An expert can also check if the photos you’re using really do showcase what you’re offering or if the presentation could be improved to encourage more sales. If there are any issues like these or areas for improvement, then investing in an expert to get your Shopify store all shipshape is definitely worthwhile.

2. Check your pricing structure

Another important aspect to consider in terms of customers failing to complete a purchase is the prices you are charging. Are you honestly competitive? The only way you can confirm this is by looking around to find out what your competitors are charging and if there are any current market trends that might affect pricing.

Naturally it’s very important to charge what your goods are worth otherwise if you try to be too competitive and undercharge, that could spell the end of the business. Just make sure you offer a competitive price so that both existing and new customers can make a simple decision to purchase from you – existing customers will appreciate that your prices remain affordable and new customers will be attracted by a lower price for similar items they have looked at elsewhere.

3. Show your customers your appreciation

To increase the likelihood of a customer who has bought from your Shopify store once coming back for more then it’s a good idea to reward repeat business. You can do this by perhaps offering a giveaway to those who buy regularly or by offering loyalty points or creating a reward scheme.

There is no doubt that customers do feel valued if they are rewarded for shopping with you and in turn your Shopify store will be the one that they keep coming back to for the particular product or service they need.

Here’s a few reward scheme suggestions:

  • For every fourth or fifth purchase a customer makes, offer them one free item
  • Every so often, surprise your existing customers by sending an email offering a 10% discount code to say thank you for being a loyal customer
  • Design a membership points system which offers different levels of rewards depending on the number of points saved.

4. A reward for referrals

So, now that your Shopify store is perfect thanks to those expert eyes, you’ve pitched your prices at just the right level and you’re rewarding those valuable loyal customers, what else can you do to attract more customers? Well you must be doing something right for your existing customers to purchase from you so let that work for you by encouraging customer referrals. People are much more likely to visit stores that someone they trust has referred them to. In fact, Nielsen research shows that 92% of consumers worldwide trust earned media, for instance word of mouth endorsements or recommendations from friends and family, more than any other form of advertising.

Having covered the first three tips and knowing that your customer service is flawless then there is no doubt that your customers will recommend you to people they know but you can nudge this along with a little incentivisation such as a free product, bonus reward points a discount count, all of which can be organised through a Shopify app like ReferralCandy.

5. A gentle reminder

It is an amazing fact that some 60% of online shoppers put items into their carts but then fail to go through checkout to complete the purchase. It could be they went off to browse similar products to compare prices or were simply distracted but if you remind them about what is in their cart, then there’s every chance they’ll be prompted to complete the purchase.

To do this you could use an app such as Omnisend to send an automated email reminding them that they haven’t yet checked out and although there’s no guarantee that will result in sale, it will certainly help to improve the likelihood of it happening.

A quick recap

To turn those browsers into purchasers to boost your Shopify store sales:

  • Invest in an expert to get your Shopify store all shipshape
  • Pitch your prices at just the right level
  • Reward loyal customers
  • Encourage customer referrals by offering incentives
  • Remind customers that they have goodies in their cart

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