JULY 2021


It is a fact that attracting visitors to your Shopify store can be challenging and waiting for those first customers to find you, browse your offering and make a purchase is very frustrating. The good news is that if the products you sell are eco-friendly then your target audience is ready and waiting but you do still need to promote your Shopify store to reach a wider audience and increase traffic to your site. To do this and to help build your business identity, turning to a Shopify agency like Why Matters is an excellent idea.

So, let’s look at 30 marketing ideas that could help you to grow your Shopify business.

1. Optimising search engines

To increase visibility, you should make sure your Shopify store is optimised for search engines. This means ensuring that the speed of your website is optimised and that you are using competitive keywords so that you achieve a high ranking on search engines. You could attract an environmentally aware customer base by focusing your keywords on sustainability.

2. Influencing the influencers

Send some free samples from your range of products to those influencers who are associated with your industry and who have a large following on different social media platforms. If the product is then reviewed or you get a mention from those influencers operating in your particular niche market, then this will increase sales by driving leads to your Shopify store as well as it being seen to have received a seal of approval which will reassure potential customers. 

3. Make sure your written content is of a high standard 

Good written content will not only provide useful information about your products and why customers should buy them, if it’s well written it will also engage customers and boost the ranking of your website. 

4. Customise your emails 

Those customers who agree to be added to your mailing list are more than likely to buy from you and, if they need a little nudge to make a purchase then a customised email may do just that. You could, for instance, send a newsletter that covers sustainability matters while also offering coupons or discount codes.  

5. Use Instagram to increase your following 

Use Instagram to create videos that tell your story and highlight your products and brand or to post photos of your product range and information about how they connect to the environment. Even better, with Instagram you can enable the ‘buy now’ feature – useful on a social media site whose users are known to be respond to brands better than any other platform.   

6. Use social media to engage customers 

If you can find discussion forums and Facebook groups that are related to your particular niche, you may well discover new ideas to enable your business to grow by taking part in discussions and promoting your products at the same time. If you come across as an expert, potential customers could be convinced to buy from your.   

7. Use affiliate marketers 

Affiliate marketing involves finding people within the sustainability niche to market your range and to whom you pay commission for each sale they make. To reach your intended audience, use vloggers and bloggers already active within the sustainability niche and obviously opt for those with the biggest following. 

8. Use paid adverts to increase traffic 

If you find that marketing via customer engagement is proving to be slow and you are looking for quicker results then you could try paying for adverts to appear on various social media platforms or relevant websites. Using the age, personal interests and location to focus on an appropriate audience, paid ads can direct potential customers to your Shopify store. 

9. Advertising on Facebook 

With its massive global reach, Facebook is still a social powerhouse so paying for adverts to appear on this platform will help you to reach a wide target audience.  

10. Offer competitions and giveaways on social media 

Who doesn’t like to receive a free giveaway or win a prize? You could offer a free gift when someone buys a particular product, for instance an eco-friendly water bottle or you could run a competition with certain prizes. Either way, you will create brand awareness and a clear reflection of your business’s sustainability values. 

11. Use LinkedIn to connect to customers 

You can use LinkedIn to find professionals within your niche to build relationships with. You could connect to any member that is associated with your particular industry although obviously you should avoid connecting with any direct competitors.  

12. Pinterest 

To generate a high level of leads, you could design a Pinterest board on which to display good quality photos of your product range. If you add a shoppable pin to each image then customers can buy the product easily by simply clicking the ‘buy button’. 

13. Make the most of comparison shopping engines 

It’s only natural that since people like to shop around in order to find the products they want at the best prices, they turn to comparison shopping engines. It is therefore important that in order to gain more traffic you make sure you are always competitive in terms of product quality and price. 

14. Establish a referral facility 

Referral programmes will drive sales and customers to your store so set up a reward system whereby existing customers are rewarded for introducing their friends to your platform. To set up a reward scheme, find a Shopify expert to help you. 

15. Use Reddit to promote your platform 

If you target the appropriate audience, placing ads on Reddit will really increase your sales but you must make sure the products you offer are of a high standard to avoid receiving a negative review since that feedback like that will quickly spread throughout the site. 

16. Offer a sale event for a limited time 

Sales events that are available for only a limited time help to create a sense of urgency so that customers who were not quite sure, commit to a purchase to take advantage of the offer.  Sale events are best promoted at the end or beginning of a season since this helps to up the hype. 

17. Utilise shopping apps 

Shopping apps tend to already enjoy a wide market so it’s worth finding one that sells similar products to those you are offering or that are aligned with your niche to give your products a higher level of exposure. The services of a Shopify expert will enable you to find the perfect shopping app for your eco-friendly products. 

18. Offer coupons 

Who doesn’t love a real bargain so if you offer coupons either by email to existing customers or on your social media platforms, customers will use them immediately to buy products at a discounted price rather than miss out on the deal. 

19. Press releases 

To increase traffic to your Shopify store and to make it more popular, media coverage generated from press releases can work very well especially if the content you provide features a unique angle when discussing the eco-friendly products you offer. 

20. Use print media 

You can use print media as a very effective marketing tool if you place ads in those newsletters and magazines that target sustainability and you can find out which the best ones are by talking to a Shopify expert. 

21. Use other Shopify store to cross promote products 

You can find other Shopify stores willing to promote the products you offer on their platform but make sure those you select are not direct competitors.

22. Establish a YouTube channel 

Lots of people view YouTube videos to find out how a particular product works or to find out useful information about it. If you create a YouTube channel that promotes the products offered on your Shopify store, the live streaming sessions will help to increase sales. 

23. Find an influencer to interview 

Associating with an influencer will help to drive traffic to your Shopify store and if you share an interview with an influencer on your social media this will increase your profile. 

24. Create guest posts for industry forums 

Placing guest posts on forums relevant to your industry or niche will potentially drive new customers to your store and if your content is educational then that will encourage customers to discover more about your eco-friendly range.  

25. Find an event to sponsor  

If you can find an event to sponsor that aligns with your values and is affordable, then you can promote your store using banners and by issuing invites online. 

26. Network at sustainability conferences 

Attending a sustainability conference will offer you the opportunity to network with like-minded people and other business operating within your industry as well as allowing you to promote your own products. 

27. Utilise upselling and bundle offers 

Try to encourage customers to buy larger or more products by featuring bundle offers or by giving free gifts. Upselling like this means you will be able to wring more purchases out of your existing customers. 

28. Offline flyers 

Not all your customers will find you online or through social media platforms so it’s important to make sure you reach your offline audience too. You can do this by using recycled paper to print flyers that offer discounts which can then be distributed to reach a wider market and increase sales. 

29. Brand name your merchandise  

Use merchandise to promote your Shopify store by giving away products that have been sustainably produced that carry your own brand name such as cotton T-shirts or reusable water bottles. 

30. Use iTunes to create podcasts 

Since so many people like to listen to podcasts, why not create exciting podcasts 

that either feature your products or discuss issues related to them and put them on  the iTunes platform.

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