JULY 2021


With global warming having had a massive effect across the world over the past few years, sustainability has become a major concern particularly for businesses and their investors and stakeholders.

As a result of various industrial evolutions, manufacturers in many sectors have been able to devise novel approaches that benefit consumers in their daily lives but these innovations also often have a detrimental impact on the environment. Research undertaken by NASA shows that due to the huge intensification of the greenhouse effect, various radiation elements are now reaching the earth and these can be detrimental to human health and wellbeing.

The industrial revolution has introduced global warming and climate change to the world we live in today. Therefore existing businesses as well as new start-ups need to devise strategies to ensure they adopt a sustainable approach across all of their business practices.

So, as an eCommerce business, just how can you improve your sustainability?

  • Use a platform like Shopify
  • Make sure your packaging and shipping processes are sustainable
  • Implement a recycling policy

Use a platform like Shopify

Over the last few years, and certainly during the time of the pandemic, eCommerce has grown massively with most companies where possible making their offering available online.

For both already established businesses as well as new start-ups, Shopify is definitely the way forward because it offers an easy set-up process, its fees are reasonable and your store will be guaranteed traffic. Teaming up with a Shopify agency will not only give you access to help while you design and set up your store, it will make sure you have in place an effective marketing strategy for your online shop and its products and services leaving you free to focus on offering exceptional customer service to your clients.

Make sure your packaging and shipping processes are sustainable

So, once you have your Shopify store set up and start to sell products, in order to keep the carbon footprint of your business as low as possible you need to make sure the packaging you use is eco-friendly and that you select couriers who have adopted a sustainable approach.

There are various options to choose from for sustainable packaging material and you also need to be aware of the type of paper and printer ink you use when producing invoices and labels. In fact, many of those now operating eCommerce businesses have already moved to paperless invoicing and no longer enclose a receipt within their customers’ packages.

Once the packages are ready for shipping, do a little research and find a courier that has adopted an eco-friendly approach and who aims to curb levels of pollution.

As you can see, there are some quite easy steps you can take to reduce your business’s carbon footprint when you fulfil customers’ orders to ensure you really do contribute to the conservation of the environment.

Implement a recycling policy

It is crucial that every eCommerce business has a recycling policy in place and that should cover the packaging involved in the business’s returns policy too. If items can be returned in the original packaging then this will save the customer having to use further packaging, something especially relevant when you think about the amount of clothing returns online fashion retailers have to handle. With the help of us here at The Green Alchemist you can dispose of all that excess packaging by finding someone to buy it off you to use again or perhaps buy alternative packing material for you own products.

A summary of sustainable approaches

Obviously every eCommerce is different and some of these ideas may not be particularly relevant to your own business. What is important is that you embrace sustainability by doing whatever you can to help the environment.

As technology progresses, ensuring your business is sustainable is becoming much easier to manage, particularly with so many businesses now operating on a digital basis rather than having an actual physical presence. By using packaging that can be recycled, having a strict recycling policy in place and choosing eco-friendly couriers, you can make sure you reduce your carbon footprint for the benefit of all.

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