How To Make Your Shopify Store a Success

JULY 2021


In 2019, e-commerce sales worldwide reached a massive 3.5 trillion dollars according to statista.com and, what is more, by 2024 it is predicted that 21.8% of global retail sales will be transacted via e-commerce.

So, you might ask, what does that mean for my own business? Well, the short but very truthful answer is that if don’t have a presence on the almighty World Wide Web then you may be turning your back on the ability to earn a great deal of money.

Access those WWW opportunities using Shopify

You might already be trading and looking to transfer to a better platform or you might be a new business launching on the internet. Whatever the actual business circumstances, Shopify offers both an easily accessible and very affordable way to achieve eCommerce success.

One bonus that Shopify brings is that you can open up a new store even when you don’t have any physical products thanks to its partnership with Oberlo, another online platform that can help you with dropshipping if that’s the route you choose. Whether you intend to set up a little side line or embark on a full time project, dropshipping dispenses with the need to carry stock, package products or organise shipping but still enables you to sell to customers worldwide. How exciting does that sound?

Now, the next trick I’m going to pull out of my hat is to show you the best way to give your eCommerce enterprise every chance of success and that simply involves making sure you introduce two key website design elements when you create your own Shopify store.

Access for all, from anywhere

One of the reasons why eCommerce continues to flourish and grow is that it has never been more easy to shop online. Unless it’s the way you prefer to shop, you don’t have to be sitting at your desktop computer to browse and purchase.

In fact, all anyone needs to be able to purchase something online wherever they are and at any time is a smartphone or tablet or similar digital device.

So, here’s the first design tip – it’s important to make sure that your Shopify store can be viewed from a laptop, desktop or any handheld digital device and that it looks good however people choose to browse. The best approach would be to select a website theme that is multi-purpose and one that can cater for all browsers, whether they’re at home on their laptop, taking a break on their desktop computer at work or scrolling through their phone while standing in a queue.

A design for all for all devices

The themes that Shopify offer include pre-built website templates that are accessible by any type of device and cater for most industry sectors, for example, health and beauty, toys and games, sport and leisure to name just a very few. However, it could well be that you want something that is totally unique to you, your business and your products in which case all you have to do is contact a Shopify Agency.

Whether you opt for a pre-built Shopify template or engage a web designer to come up with something more distinctive, you must make sure all the following aspects are considered:

  • The site is easy to access and navigate for customers
  • All images appear as they should
  • The clickable buttons are easy to find and use
  • It is easy to scroll through the site quickly
  • The shopping cart and checkout facility is flawless

Make a show of yourself

When you’re designing your Shopify store, it’s probably easiest to imagine it as your digital shop window whereby it needs to be as attractive as possible so that people are tempted to enter through the digital doorway and start to purchase instead of merely window shopping.

It is a fact that online shoppers are much more likely to buy from a website if they can see photos or videos of the products on offer so make sure your Shopify store has the capacity to feature these without affecting the speed of the website. Then, when you’re choosing a Shopify theme or consulting with your web designer, make sure you find out if:

  • It is possible to zoom in on photos in order to take a closer look at the product?
  • GIFS and short videos can be incorporated
  • Photo galleries are a possibility so that you can show all the features of a product

If you make sure your Shopify store is designed to enable access to all devices and that it can feature photos, videos and GIFS then you will give yourself the very best chance of achieving eCommerce success.

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