JULY 2021


Here’s five really useful tips to help Shopify store owners to turn traffic into sales.

1. Giving something back

Nowadays customers don’t simply consider businesses in terms of the products or services they sell. Instead they are also very interested in establishing whether your business gives something back to society in general so they can make a purchase safe in the knowledge that making a profit is not your sole motivation and that others will benefit.

Fortunately, Shopify makes this easy for you to achieve by allowing you to give a percentage of your sales to your chosen cause or to an organisation that aligns with your own business ethics and beliefs. Shopify has what it describes as a ‘robust charity database’ called Give & Grow that makes it easy for you to choose a cause that resonates with both you and your customers.

Then, having selected a charity or cause, the app allows you to track your donations in real time with its inbuilt impact calculator so that your customers can clearly see that by supporting your business they are making a positive contribution and all with total transparency.

2. And giving something away

While we’re on the subject of giving, there’s another way you can encourage your customers’ loyalty and that’s by giving something directly to them in the form of a giveaway. Whether you want to reward your existing client base or entice new customers, offering them a product or service giveaway as a bonus will improve your business profile no end.

But for this to be as effective as possible, make sure you spread the news about it as widely as possible by using your social media to make comments, tag others and like and share posts so that as wide as audience as possible can learn how to qualify for the giveaway or how to enter your competition if that’s the route you choose. You could even take this a step further by offering people a bonus entry if they tag their family and friends or like and share your posts. Again, Shopify can help you with this with the KingSumo app.

3. Polishing things off

We all know that sometimes if you’re too close to something then you may fail to spot an issue that is blindingly obvious and this can happen with the way your Shopify store is set up. So, if you can afford to, then it’s definitely worthwhile introducing a second pair of eyes to give your site a once over to pick up on anything you may have missed or which could be improved.

Bringing on board a Shopify agency or an eCommerce expert will ensure that your online store is perfect in every detail and that any glitches or issues that might deter those visiting the site from buying from you will be dealt with. Sometimes these experts offer further services such as devising a digital marketing strategy that in the long term will help you to grow the business.

4. Customer reviews

It is a fact that before making a purchase online, most customers will undertake a little research first and this will certainly be the case with visitors to your Shopify store. Indeed, Nielsen.com found that of the global consumers that they surveyed, 70% confirmed that online customer reviews were the second most trusted source of information about the products and services they were considering.

So you do need to encourage your customers to leave a review online every time they purchase from you which will pay dividends by reassuring new customers as to your integrity. To remind customers to leave reviews you could have an easy to use facility on your site or you could send a prompt via a chatty email or perhaps initiate a customer loyalty scheme whereby your customers are rewarded when they do leave a review.

5. Instagram

For some, Instagram is the social media site they choose to share photos of their holidays, outfits or the food they’re about to tuck into but for others, Instagram is where they go for a little inspiration if they’re thinking of buying something specific.

Potential sales can therefore be lost if you don’t set up a feed that will connect your Instagram site to your Shopify store. Browsers like an easy life and often won’t take the time to leave Instagram to visit your site, they may just move on elsewhere. To avoid this hiccup in your customer’s journey, you can use an app such as Snappt to make your Instagram become almost an extension of your store.

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