When you search for social media agencies you get 6,630,000,000 results! This can be overwhelming for just anyone because which one should you hire? 

When looking for a reputable and trustworthy social media service, it’s not hard to become lost in the weeds.

Here you can find some alternatives regarding the best social media agencies in the United Kingdom by using our list. 

What Qualities Make a Good Social Media Agency Exceptional?

Check out these social media agencies to learn more about what sets them apart. Are there any specific goals that they can assist you with?

Only the greatest social media agencies, as determined by our in-depth research, will be listed on this page.

Whose on their team

For the project to be successful, everyone engaged must have a sincere desire and passion for seeing it through. The social media agency on this list are the greatest in the business, so don’t settle for anything less. This will help you find a suitable fit for your company.

Case Studies & Portfolio

The quality of their prior and current work makes it difficult to find fault with these agencies. To get a clearer view of the company’s marketing strategy, website, and overall image, look at their previous collaborations. Furthermore, it will be much simpler if your brand is virtually identical to theirs.

How do they charge

Numerous companies on this list deal with a wide range of prices, as you can see. Both large and small businesses are catered for. Avoid hiring a social media agency that’s outside your budget because they won’t be able to offer the right services for your business. Go for what’s within your budget or appropriate for your company.

Hers is our guide to hiring a social media agency. Let’s get started right away!

Top Social Media Agency in the UK

1. Why Matters

Our team at Why Matters will help you with social media marketing. We have numerous happy clients on Clutch and an experienced team of social media marketers. We will help you transform your passion into a lifestyle. We are ever-evolving, transparent, accessible, authentic, passionate, and nurturing. We offer retainer packages to satisfy any client’s requirements involving Development, Design, Search Engine Optimization, or Online Marketing.

Halo Coffee Ltd, Gunna, and Photos by Wilbur have worked with Why Matters.

We charge £650+

Top Social Media and Development Agencies

2. Bespoke Brand Developers

Bespoke Brand Developers is a brand development firm that works with technology companies and disruptors. They’re based in London and specialise in multichannel social media marketing. They also believe that to be effective, the agile technique should be used. This implies you’ll have more encounters and a closer working relationship, which will help you achieve your goals.

Key clients include, All Booked, Block Bank, Canada Drives, Get ID and JAFA

They charge £3,794.75+

3. The Goat Agency

They are located in London, United Kingdom. 

They don’t manage any talent, unlike normal social media Agencies.

As a result, they may pick the best influencer for the campaign they’re working on without fear of favouritism or bias.

Their clients Include Dell, 3M, Tesco, Unilever, and King

They charge £37,948.75+

Top Social Media and Design Agencies

4. Populate Social

This is a social media agency that doesn’t use gimmicks They’re based in Cardiff and provide a wide range of social media services to businesses, including organic social media management, paid social media, content development, messenger bots, and social strategy.

Clients in the Sports, Events and eCommerce sectors have benefited from their expertise.

They charge £7,590.05+

5. Verb Brands

Verb Businesses provides social media management for luxury brands.

Brands such as Jimmy Choo, Liz Earle, and the Maybourne Hotel Group have lately worked with them.

As a result, if you represent a high-end brand, they may be a good fit and you should try them.

They charge £7,590.05+

Top Social Media and Conversion Rate Optimisation Agencies

6. Gripped

B2B digital marketing agency Gripped specialises in helping SaaS, Technology, and IT companies grow.

Paid Social is one of their areas of expertise, but they also assist with a wide range of other channels. Helping companies build their business through the use of Facebook and LinkedIn advertising.

They charge £3,794.75+

7. Prohibition PR

With their offices in Leeds, United Kingdom, they represent themselves as an award-winning, innovative social and PR agency that consistently converts insight-driven creative campaigns.

They’ve earned over 20 industry accolades in the last five years.

Prohibition could be the right call for you if you’re searching for a blend of PR and social media.

Key clients include  Goldsmiths, Lloyds Pharmacy, Skipton Building Society, Engie, Savills, Barbour, Interflora, Sealy, and Watches of Switzerland.

They charge £3,794.75+

Top Social Media and Plugin Development Agencies

8. Webhound Media

Webhound Media is a creative digital agency situated in London. While a modest staff, they’ve been in the digital marketing sector for 20 years. Using digital marketing platforms like social media, they assist brands in better communicating their brand’s message to consumers.

Their client list includes NHS, Haven, Butlins, Bourne Leisure, British Gas, The Open University, and Peugeot

9. Digivate

Digivate is a London-based, full-service digital agency. They, like many of the top social media agencies in the UK, have a unique approach to achieving results. It’s called “MIND” for them.

Using MIND is all about dividing your target audience into groups of people with similar interests and values. Despite the resemblance to persona identification, it’s more complex than that. They are designed to draw your audience’s attention away from the rest of the noise and focus on your message.

Spotlight Recruitment, Artigiano, Actionaid, America Car Rental, Carluccio’s, VICE, Designmynight, Fleetway, and eMoov have all been clients.

10. CEEK

Digital marketing and social media firm CEEK is situated in London. They’re well-known for using an Omni-channel strategy in their advertising. CEEK helps brands identify and use all the necessary platforms to communicate their value to their customers. As a result, your campaign will have a stronger foundation on which to build.

Their clients include Small Beer Brew Co, Tinder, The Savoy, Playts, Radisson Edwardian, and The Lookout Sri Lanka,

They charge £758.67+