Pay-per-click advertising, often known as PPC, is a very effective approach to reach potential customers who are highly motivated to make a purchase, and it allows you to see your return on investment (ROI) in real-time.

Nevertheless, finding the best PPC agency is not an easy undertaking by any stretch of the imagination.

Here you can find some alternatives regarding the best PPC marketing agencies in the United Kingdom by using our list. 

What Qualities Make a Good PPC Marketing Agency Exceptional?

Interested in learning more about what makes these PPC marketing firms stand out? Is there anything in particular that they can help your business achieve?

On this page, you’ll find only the best PPC marketing agencies that have been thoroughly vetted by us.

Whose on their team

Everyone involved in the project must have a genuine desire and passion to see it to completion. You can expect only the best from the PPC marketing agencies on this list. Your role however is to determine whether or not the candidate is a good match for your organisation.

Case Studies & Portfolio

It’s hard to argue with the quality of their previous and current work. Analyse their previous collaborations to have a better understanding of their marketing approach, website, and general picture of the business. And, It’s best if your brand is as identical to theirs, it will be easier!

How do they charge

As you’ll see many of the businesses on this list deal with a wide range of costs. As a result, there are options for both large and small firms. Choosing a Digital PPC Agency that is both in and out of your price range is not recommended. This is because they may not give you work that’s well suited for your business.

Here is our guide to hiring a PPC  marketing agency. Let’s get started right away!

Top PPC Marketing Agency in the UK

1. Why Matters

Our team at Why Matters can get you started on PPC marketing. We have several satisfied clients on Clutch and a professional team of PPC marketers. We will help you turn your passion into a lifestyle. We are authentic, passionate, ever-evolving, transparent, accessible, and nurturing. We provide retainer packages to meet any client’s needs regarding Development, Design, SEO, or Online Marketing.

We serve a wide range of businesses, including medicine, law, finance, manufacturing, and the car industry.

We charge £650+

Top PPC Marketing and Development Agencies

2. Digital Uncut

B2B PPC agency Digital Uncut has offices in London, San Francisco, and Madrid.

They specialise in assisting start-ups and growing businesses by supplying them with PPC-quality leads. They work with companies in the fields of technology, eCommerce, logistics, retail, services, and the travel and hospitality industries. They also work on their brands.

They charge £3,794+

3. 93x Agency

93x is a B2B digital marketing business that specialises in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising for the IT and software industries.

More leads for your business can be obtained through the use of 93x’s combination of successful paid search and social media advertising.

Among the many clients of this London-based firm are Telefonica and Bankable as well as Autovista Group and OZuken.

Top PPC Marketing and Design Agencies

4. ThoughtShift

They are located in Brighton, United Kingdom.

To make an effect, ThoughtShift uses data-driven PPC advertising, audits, and consulting, all of which were started in 2011.

To promote brand visibility, generate traffic, and acquire new customers, they collaborate with charitable brands and businesses in the tech, retail, and tourism industry.

It has collaborated with The Body Shop, Wolf, Bunac, and Bloodwise, as well as several other companies in East Sussex.

They charge £758.84+

5. Gripped

Gripped specialises in PPC services for SaaS, tech, and IT businesses.

You can expect the team to work closely with your business and give you access to specialists and tools to help you manage your paid media efforts.

To boost lead flow, the company focuses on building campaigns that are fast-paced, passionate, and precise.

Their monthly PPC management fees start from £5,500. 

Top PPC Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimisation Agencies

6. The Social Shepherd

They are a great match for any ambitious business aiming to swiftly scale across numerous PPC channels with the help of their PPC team, who have extensive experience in Google Ads, Google Shopping, Display, Programmatic, and YouTube Ads Paid Social.

They’re  both Google and Meta Partners

Their Budgets range from £100 per day, all the way up to £10,000+ per day.

7. Bind Media

Bind Media’s co-founders, Elion Shiner and Elliot Sheen are well known for the work they bring to the table. When combined with an attractive landing page and thorough reporting, their multi-media approach may take your brand to the next level.

UpGuard, Gousto, Devbridge Group, and PostBeyond are among the clients of this Bath-based PPC business.

Top PPC Marketing and Plugin Development Agencies

8. Impression

Impression is a top-notch eCommerce PPC firm in today’s marketplace. These young but well-seasoned experts have offices in London and Nottingham.

Using Impression’s PPC services, you can get your products in front of customers who are more likely to purchase others. These professionals can assist you in growing your company quickly.

Experian, Gazebo Shop, Rise Art, and Gill are just a few of the clients the firm has worked with.

They charge £18,972+

9. Hallam

Using unique bidding scripts and flexible shopping structures, Hallam is an eCommerce PPC agency that can help you increase your return on investment and income.

They work closely with their clients and make judgments and adjustments to their PPC ads based on the available data.

They charge $£3,794+

10. Herdl

Herdl is one of the UK’s leading PPC lead generation agencies.

 They’ve worked with some of the most well-known businesses in the industry. Since Herdl’s inception, McDonald’s, Aviva, Capita, the Royal Mail, and the NHS have relied on his skills.

Leicester, Nottingham, and London are the locations where they have their offices, as well.

They charge £758.84+