How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Start‌ ‌&‌ ‌Grow‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Vegan‌ ‌Side‌ ‌Hustle‌ ‌Using‌ ‌Shopify‌

JUNE 2021


Lots of people are skilled at making crafts most of whom make handmade items purely as a hobby but what if you could make money selling the crafts you produce? Thanks to the massive growth in eCommerce, there are many ways available to sell those crafts online but a platform like Shopify enables you to create an online store of your own so that you can turn that hobby and all the lovely craftwork you produce into an income stream. Let’s look at some tips how you can do just that.

Setting up your very own online outlet

With an online store of your own, you can showcase your handiwork much more easily and quickly to all those consumers browsing online. Setting up your online outlet properly will remove the need to attend to all those tedious business aspects and allow you to concentrate on making more of the crafts that are selling well and create new products too. And how do you know which products are selling well? Well you’ll be able to monitor sales data and keep an eye on stock levels so that you can keep tabs on what you need to make as well as your income and profits.

Obviously a very important aspect to consider when setting up your new store is to carefully choose the name of your business and make sure that both that name and any brand name you use isn’t already being used by someone else. Nor do you want anybody else to use your chosen name either so it’s always best to reserve the brand name you’ve decided on and register your business in order to leverage your sales.

Grow your range

Naturally you can only achieve higher sales if you keep adding to your product range with the idea being to create a craft collection of a wide enough variety that ends up as a reasonably sized catalogue of products for sale through your online store. It could well be that you might need to actually learn a different craft if you spot a market for something you don’t already offer.

Take the lead from your customers by focusing on the crafts and products that garner more positive comments and praise. If you do receive criticism or negative remarks about any of your products, use this feedback to improve what you are making rather than be put off or disappointed. All feedback is useful, good or bad.

Making sales? Now to the packaging

For anyone involved in eCommerce, packaging materials should not be viewed simply as the boxes or wrapping that meet your logistical requirements. Instead they should be considered as a way in which to promote your brand and strategically position you and your business as being eco-friendly. It is therefore absolutely essential that you opt for packaging that is both recycled and can be recycled again by your customers so that you are both in charge of your own environmental impact.

To get you off on the right foot you can order your recycled packaging materials here by finding a business that has exactly the right solution for you including recycling cardboard which is the best way to help companies to cut down on the costs of waste and disposal because it involves the reuse and reprocessing of sheets of paper that would otherwise just be disposed of as waste.

Make marketing work for you

Marketing is important because it helps to promote your products to the most appropriate audience but you will need to consider certain tactics and clever strategies. One way to help you with this is to use a Shopify agency to design your online store to really bring it to life. Using a Shopify agency will ensure that both your online store and marketing solutions are customised and optimised so that your customers have the best experience when visiting your site.

Don’t compromise on quality

So, now your online store has been designed and is good to go but don’t forget that presenting your crafts using high quality images will almost certainly boost sales. Nearly every online store you visit will feature lots of images of its products to generate leads and increase conversion rates. But don’t worry, you won’t need to use a professional photographer to come up with attractive photos, simply use a good quality camera and take images from all angles making sure a context is provided for each image.

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